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The Strength Of Character, Leadership, And Integrity,...

When reviewing the articles â€Å"The Strength of Character,† â€Å"Leadership,† and â€Å"Integrity, Sense of Humor amount Traits of a Leader† a multitude of topics concerning ethical thinking and behavior can be found. From a person’s reputation to what it means to be a leader, moral reasoning plays an incredibly important role in all edifices of our daily lives. With this in mind, the purpose of this paper is to explore three of the critical concepts discussed in each of the articles above and why they are important aspects to a person’s moral character. Since nine topics shall be discussed in total, three per article, each media piece shall be discussed individually with comparisons made as needed. ::: Review Starts Below This Point ::: Article 1: Starting with â€Å"The Strength of Character,† the first topic that is breached is the concept of what â€Å"reputation† actually is. To most, â€Å"reputation† is just a tag which describes a person’s character based upon their actions and the resulting social sentiments. This is mostly true, however, reputation is merely a projection of how we want others to see us and not actually how we are. Only when a person’s outside social appearance and true internal values align shall an accurate representation of their true reputation appear. Because of this moral strength is necessary to be a good upstanding person with appropriate concepts of right vs. wrong and thus a good unshaking reputation. For the most part, we must work hard to develop anShow MoreRelatedLeadership Essential Seminar Summary832 Words   |  3 Pages The seminar â€Å"Leadership Essential† hosted by our speaker Julio Melara started with the explanation of the fundamentals, the three areas that would define our life: Stewardship, Relationships and Leaderships. †¢ Stewardship means faithfulness, how do we oversee duties, and how we conduct our affairs. †¢ Relationships are the most important and include growing, developing and cultivating long-term relationships. Communication was explained in detailed as being the most important part of relationshipsRead MoreMy Personal Theory Of Leadership1523 Words   |  7 PagesMy Personal Theory of Leadership As a graduate student approaching her final semester in school, thoughts regarding my leadership abilities in the soon-to-be â€Å"real world† have occupied my mind lately. To further explore and develop my ideas about leadership, I decided to develop my personal leadership theory. So, I asked myself the following questions: What makes a successful leader? How do you recognize a leader when you meet one?, and lastly, what is my theory of leadership? With this last questionRead MoreALIGN ADMINISTRATIVE PRACTICES WITH THE ISLLC STANDARD1549 Words   |  7 Pagesalone does not guarantee leadership success, there is evidence that effective leaders are different from other people in certain key respects. Stogdill (1948) concludes a person does not become a leader by virtue of the possession of some combination of attributes. His research revealed that situational factors also played a role. For example, military leaders do not have attributes identical to those of business leaders. The introductions of my leadership attributes are important forRead MoreGroup Leadership Essay What makes a good leader?1613 Words   |  7 PagesThere are a myriad of qualities that form effective leadership. It may never be agreed upon whether leadership arises from a set of innate characteristics (leaders are born) or, rather, from observable actions (leaders are made). Some basic leadership qualities, however, seem almost universal, no matter the leader or type of group they head: Good communication skills, the ability to constructively deal with a variety of personalities, and the mental toughness to shoulder responsibility and weatherRead MoreServant Leadership Essay1490 Words   |  6 PagesRunning head: SERVANT LEADERSHIP EFFECTIVENESS TO ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE Servant Leadership Effectiveness to Organizational Change May 13, 2006 Introduction Real change leaders are not found among the top executives within an organization. Although, top executives participation is important to change within an organization, the real change leaders are middle and frontline managers, and he or she influence how the majority of people perform within the company. The most difficult aspect ofRead MoreTransformational Leadership And Authentic Leadership Theories1598 Words   |  7 PagesTheories Out of all the different leadership theories I learned about this semester I really feel that I best relate to transformational leadership and authentic leadership theories. During the development of my personal theory I found that these theories tended to list many similar traits, and values that aligned with my own. Additionally, both authentic and transformative theories place a significant amount of emphasis on the relationship between the leader and her/his followers. The success andRead MoreWill You Marry Me?1189 Words   |  5 Pagesafter Gods own heart. (Acts 13:22) It sounds like a crazy thought, but I want my husband to love God more than he loves me! Mark 12:30 says, â€Å"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strengthâ€Å". One key to a successful relationship is learning to put God first no matter the circumstance. If they have a close and personal relationship with the Lord, they will take on the characteristics of HIM. You become who you spend time with, and thisRead Moreleaders876 Words   |  4 Pagesï » ¿President Abraham Lincoln appointed the best and brightest to his Cabinet, individuals who were also some of his greatest political rivals. He demonstrated his  leadership  by pulling this group together into a unique team that represented the greatest minds of his time, according to historian Doris Kearns Goodwin. Lincoln demonstrated an ability to withstand adversity and to move forward in the face of frustration, said Kearns Goodwin, a keynote speaker at SHRM’s 2008 Annual Conference in ChicagoRead MoreLeader Profile2042 Words   |  9 PagesModule 2 – Assignment 2 Leader Profile B-6027 Perspectives in Change Leadership Argosy University Online Dr. Richard Dool Matt Bass September 2, 2012 Leadership is an art and a science that is developed and perfected by the summation of innate abilities, understanding the behaviors of people and how to capitalize on their strengths, and the unique ability to inspire and drive under challenging and dynamic circumstances ( MoreTransformational Leadership And Authentic Leadership1834 Words   |  8 Pagesrelational aspect in leadership. Similarly, my results from the Leadership Style Assessment survey labeled my strongest characteristics as being a people mover and truth-seeker (Your Leadership Legacy, n.d.). The VIA Classification of Character Strengths, the last personal survey I took, classified Wisdom and Knowledge, Courage, Justice, and Temperance as my universal core virtues (VIA, n.d) With these surveys results, I was better able to understand how my personality strengths and principles compared

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Comparison Matrix - 1543 Words

Running Head: Comparison Matrix Paper Comparison Matrix Paper Comparison Matrix Introduction Comparison shows the characteristic of three studies conducted by different researchers. In the public sector, transformational leadership is the first study. This type of leadership has no effect on the conduct of managers. Transformational leadership is to stimulate the needs of the subordinates in harmony with the goals of the leader. Morale, motivation, and performance of the individuals within the group are increased by this style of leadership Based on the study, employees of banking and food organizations who receive praise and recognition for their hard work tend to be loyal to the company. The data reveal that job†¦show more content†¦Previous technology integration failed due to lack of curriculum integration strategies. The works of Reigeluth and Joseph were recognized. Reference was made to studies done by researchers like Ertmer, Johnson and Gardner. Sample Population A sample population of bank branch and food chain managers were used. The survey for technology integration conducted by Quality Education Data Inc. (QUED) showed that 10 teachers out of 100 had access to computers did not use them to motivate student learning. Results of the Studies One of the limitations of the study done on transformational leadership was that the average age of the respondent was 50 years. The study of local government concluded that public organizations are not always highly bureaucratic. Their findings were not consistent with the relationship between organizational characteristics and transformational leadership. Hypothesis 1 determined that customer contact personnel managed by transformational leadership style will be more committed than someone managed by transactional style. The same employees in hypothesis 2 will have a higher level of job satisfaction. Results/Conclusions The study revealed that some findings were not consistent and some personalities reduce the practice of transformational leadership behaviors. It was discovered that transformational leadership supports the need for flexibility. Previous studies have found that other types of publicShow MoreRelated A Comparison of The Matrix and Platos The Allegory of the Cave1838 Words   |  8 PagesA Comparison of The Matrix and Platos The Allegory of the Cave In the movie The Matrix we find a character by the name of Neo and his struggle adapting to the reality. This story is closely similar to an ancient Greek text written by Plato called The Allegory of the Cave. Now both stories are different but the ideas are basically the same. Both Stories have key points that can be analyzed and related to one another almost exactly. There is no doubt that The Matrix was based offRead MoreA Comparison of the Representation of the Future of The Matrix and Planet of the Apes3441 Words   |  14 PagesA Comparison of the Representation of the Future of The Matrix and Planet of the Apes Sci-fi films were born in the aftermath of the industrial and scientific revolutions of the 19th century. The first motion picture from this genre was ‘Le Voyage Dans La Lune’, a Georges Meties production from 1902. This is regarded as the firstRead MoreComparison of the Matrix and the Allegory of the Cave Essay1240 Words   |  5 PagesComposition I 3 October 2012 The Matrix and the Allegory of the Cave What if one were living through life completely bound and facing a reality that doesnt even exist? The prisoners in Platos Allegory of the Cave are blind from true reality as well as the people in the movie The Matrix. They are given false images and they accept what their senses are telling them. They believe what they are experiencing is not all that really exists. Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher wrote The AllegoryRead More Ray Bradburys Fahrenheit 451 Comparison to the Matrix Essay1111 Words   |  5 PagesBradburys novel Fahrenheit 451 speculates on a future society in which there is no real knowledge, just a faà §ade of lies because there are no testaments of truth, books. This book shares a plot much like that of the Warner Brothers blockbuster, Matrix, in which the human race is kept in the shadow of the truth by being put into a virtual reality. In both stories a destroyed civilization is being suppressed by an evil leader. Also, in both of these works have an average man rise from the ashes ofRead MoreEssay about The Matrix and Fahrenheit 451 Comparison632 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿1. The characters of Neo and Montag break away from the common society, come to terms with themselves, and strive to create an ideal world. 2. Breaking from normal society through one’s own will a. Neo is rescued from the Matrix by Morpheus i. It was Neo’s own decision to take the red pill. ii. Demonstrates desire to know the truth about world. b. Montag admits he is unhappy in life and turns to books for knowledge. i. It was Montag’s own curiosity and internal dissatisfaction with his currentRead More Comparison of The Matrix and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?1959 Words   |  8 PagesComparison of The Matrix and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Andy and Larry Wachowskis movie, The Matrix parallels many of the characters and themes that are explored in Philip K. Dicks novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?. There are five main characters or groups of people that are explored in Dicks novel. First, Morpheus, the leader of the unplugged individuals, emulates the role that the Rosen Association plays. Next, Cypher, an underhanded man, who is comparable to RachelRead MoreComparison Matrix996 Words   |  4 PagesComparison Matrix Paper Comparison Matrix Paper Tia Robinson Grand Canyon University RES 811 April 25, 2012 Comparison Matrix Paper In the comparison matrix chart three different empirical research articles were used and compared. The first article, by Wright and Pandey. Transformational Leadership in the Public Sector: Does Structure Matter?, Emery and Barker, The Effect of Transactional and Transformational Leadership Styles on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of CustomerRead MoreComparison Matrix Paper 1010 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿ Comparison Matrix Paper Nadia Bhatti Grand Canyon University PSY 801 Dr. Nelson September 17, 2014 Comparison Matrix Paper Introduction This paper compares three studies on workplace bullying. The studies were conducted because workplace bullying is an epidemic that needs to be addressed and it needs to be understood to help future organizations prevent workplace bullying.   Article one† Individual and situational predictors of the workplace bullying: why do perpetrators engageRead MoreComparison Matrix Essay1332 Words   |  6 PagesModule # 4: Comparison Matrix Equetta Jones Grand Canyon University: RES-811 June 12, 2013 Module # 4: Comparison Matrix Within the comparison matrix, the author will provide information from three empirical articles. The articles were titled, Transformational Leadership in the Public Sector: Does Structure Matter? (Pandey and Wright, 2009), The Effect of Transactional and Transformational Leadership Styles on the Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Customer Contact PersonnelRead MoreUnix Comparison Matrix830 Words   |  4 PagesComponents BSD System V GNU Role of shell Main access to the UNIX operating system and as such any improvement to it can result in considerably more effective use of the system, increased speed, efficiency and file properties. â€Å"C† Shell This shell is good for interactive work and also added some features from other Operating shells. The Korn shell became part of System V but had one major problem; unlike the rest of the UNIX shells it wasnt free, you had to pay ATT for it. Bourne Shell

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Marketing of 15 inch multimedia TV system Free Essays

The 15 inch multimedia LCD TV system is a high resolution system just like the 17 inch one. The 15 inch multimedia LCD TV is capable of displaying the different features that are possessed by the 17 inch one. The main reasons why the 15 inch TV system has lagged behind in terms of sales could be attributed to its smaller size of the display screen, slightly lesser or fewer features, among other few shortcomings. We will write a custom essay sample on Marketing of 15 inch multimedia TV system or any similar topic only for you Order Now Despite all these shortcomings, this TV system has the advantage of being cheaper hence it can be afforded by many people. It also has the advantage of having similar feature as those possessed by the 17 inch TV system. By looking at a spectrum of several options in an attempt to raise the sales volumes of the 15 inch TV system, one of them seems to bee more practical and achievable in the prevailing circumstances. This is serous advertising and sales promotion of this product (Don E Schultz, 1997). All seems not lost yet because the product is operating slightly above the break-even-point and therefore if a serious adverting and sales promotion is done the trend can change. Advertising is the creation of awareness of a product and appealing to the public to purchase the product. On the other hand sales promotion stands for other marketing activities other than personal selling, advertising and publicity and is intended to stimulate demand for the product i.e. consumer purchasing and dealer effectiveness. Both advertising and sales promotion are part of what is referred to as the marketing communication mix or promotion mix ( How it is to be done There are several approaches that should be applied in advertising. Advertising is intended to influence long term buying behavior. One way of achieving this goal is through placing adverts continually in the press media i.e. daily newspapers and magazines. Through this it is expected that the adverts will reach out to a large population in the country or the market area. The other means / way in which advertising should be done is through placing adverts in the electronic media such as radio and televisions. This is also has advantage of reaching out to a large audience. This kind of advertising should portray all the positive aspects of using the 15 inch TV system. The visual aspect is likely to create more demand in the short term and also in the long term. Other than adverts in the print and electronic media, advertising should also be done through public launches in different parts of the country or expected market coverage area. During such launches demonstrations on the operation of the TV system should be done. Advantages of using this product should be highlighted during such launches. Sales promotions should also be done. This could involve issuing coupons, free samples, refunds and rebates, premiums or gifts, contests and sweepstakes, point-of -sale displays, shows and exhibitions, among other ways.( Julian Cummins, 1997 ). When these are done properly immediate surge in sales volumes is likely to be observed. This is true because customers like â€Å"something extra† like a gift when they purchase a product, provided that it is of good quality. The product in question i.e. the 15 inch TV system has good quality and hence sales promotion can assist in boosting sales hence profits. Conclusion It is important to know that both advertising and sales promotion can be applied together as part of the promotional mix for the 15 inch TV system. The campaign for raising sales volume for this product can effectively use these two tools to achieve its targets. Personal selling should come in to support advertising by increasing the sales. References 1. Advertising and publicity available at assessed on Feb. 1, 2008 2. Julian Cummins, (1997). Sales Promotion: How to Create, Implement and Integrate Campaigns That Really Work. Prentice Hall 3. Don E Schultz (1997). Sales Promotion Essentials: The 10 Basic Sales Promotion Techniques†¦ and How to Use Them. Prentice Hall          How to cite Marketing of 15 inch multimedia TV system, Essay examples

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Physical Assessment for Tomography Scan -

Question: Discuss about thePhysical Assessmentfor Computed Tomography Scan. Answer: Introduction Kasim, a forty-nine year-old patient, is handed to a nurse who has just walked into the hospital. Kasim is suspected to be suffering from cholecystitis because the patient is complaining of symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain in the right upper abdomen. The previous nurse recorded Kasims as HR 126, BP 100/45, temperature 38.8, severe RUQ pain, and the last episode of vomiting 2 hours ago. A twelve-year-old daughter has also accompanied the patient. As a result, the nurse who is currently on duty receives the patient for assessment. The nurse examines the patients demographic characteristics with an aim of identifying how the characteristics relate to cholecystitis. The nurse also examines cues and information from the patient, processes the information, and evaluates an appropriate procedure for diagnosing Kasim using ultrasonography and a computed tomography scan. Demographic Characteristics The patient in question demonstrates symptoms of cholecystitis that are typical of patients with similar demographic characteristics. As evidenced, a study conducted by Yacoub, Petrosyan, Sehgal, Ma, Chandrasoma, and Mason (2013) reveal that male patients are likely to suffer from cholecystitis than other patients. Specifically, the authors established a significant difference between male and female patients who were diagnosed with the disease in question. Consequently, the study concluded that male patients are at a higher risk of suffering from the disease. Junior, Lemos, Junior, Freire, Garcia, Silva, Rego, and Filho (2016) highlight the same idea by asserting that their study recorded 80 percent of male patients who were suffering from the cholecystitis. Therefore, gender places Kasim in an appropriate demographic category for cholecystitis. Age is another demographic characteristic that places Kasim in the right demographic category for the condition in question. This owes to the reality that Prystupa, Kurys-Denis, Krupski, and Mosiewicz (2015) argue that age is a major risk factor for cholecystitis. In particular, the authors argue that gallstones occur in an estimated 10 % of Americans who are forty years and older. Critical to the discussion is the fact that Benjelloun, Chbani, Toughrai, Ousadden, Mazaz, and Taleb (2014) reveal that cholecystitis occurs in the presence of gallstones but could still occur in the absence of gallstones. Further, Yacoub, et al., (2013) also reveal that cholecystitis is common in patients who are fifty years and older. Given that Kasim is a 9-year-old male, the patient portrays demographic characteristics for patients with cholecystitis. Cues and Information Information handed over by the nurse who was on duty before indicates that Kasim recorded a body temperature of 38.80 on admission. Imperative to the debate is the reality that the mentioned body temperature is characteristic of patients with the disease in question. As evidenced, Hayakawa, Oki, Moriya, Mizuma, Ohnuki, Yanag, Fukuda, Ozawa, Takizawa, and Takagi (2012) conducted a case study for a patient with cholecystitis and recorded the patients body temperature as 38.50. It follows that the similarities in body temperatures between Kasim and the patient who was studied by the authors in question indicates that Kasim could be suffering from cholecystitis. A similar body temperature was recorded in a patient with cholecystitis from a study conducted by Kaya, Eskazan, Ay, Baysal, Bahadir, Onur, and Duymus (2013). Kasim recorded a heart rate of 126, which is above the normal heart rate. It is important to note that the same the patients blood pressure was recoded as 100/45. This could be an indicator of a cardiac complication, but a study from Habeeb and Ebrahim (2014) provide evidence on the contrary. This owes to the fact that the authors present a case study of an obese patient with a blood pressure and heart rate that is within the same range, but was diagnosed of cholecystitis. In a different study, Rajan, Motoroko, Udayasir, McKenzie, Tan, and Tramontane (2014) discuss a case study where a patient with a blood pressure 108/72 mmHg and a pulse rate of 96/min was diagnosed with cholecystitis. It follows that even though Kasims heart rate and blood pressure could raise concern for a cardiac complication, the patient could still be suffering from cholecystitis. Kasim also complained of two days of right upper quadrant (RUQ) abdominal pain, which is a clear indicator of cholecystitis. As evidenced, Prystupa, et al., (2015) reveals that the most common symptom in patients with cholecystitis is abdominal pain in the right upper quadrant. Rajan, et al., (2014) and Benjelloun et al., (2014), put the same argument forward. Kasim also complained of fever with the last case of vomiting being recorded in the last two hours. Like abdominal pain, Rajan, et al., (2014) and Benjelloun et al., (2014) indicate that fever and vomiting is common among patients with the disease under discussion. In fact, evidence from case studies conducted by Habeeb and Ebrahim (2014) indicates that fever and vomiting is a common symptom among patients with cholecystitis. In short, reviewing records from the nurse who was on duty before indicates that Kasim could be suffering from cholecystitis. Process Information Patients with the diseases in question often portray symptoms discussed in the cues and information section. This owes to the fact that Sartelli and Trana (2013) argue that gallbladder stones is a common disorder that causes deceptive infections and could be easily misdiagnosed. Regardless, cholecystitis is a bacterial disease that arises when the cystic duct is obstructed with gallstones. The obstruction leads to ischemia, wall edema, gall bladder distention and a bacterial infection. According to Li, Song, Liu, Xie, Jiang, Wei, Ma, Wang, and Jin (2017), the wall of the gall bladder may undergo gangrene and necrosis, which would result to perforation. In other cases, it may result in the development of generalized peritonitis or an abscess. The obstruction is rarely caused by sludge and mostly caused by gallstones (90% of the time). Evidence from published studies indicates that clinicians must be keen when diagnosing cholecystitis to avoid misdiagnosis. For instance, Li, et al., (2017) reveals that there have been instances where clinicians have misdiagnosed cholecystitis for gastrointestinal stromal tumor. In a different study, Rammohan, Cherukuri, Sathyanesan, Palaniappan, and Govindan (2014) reveal that the same disease could be misdiagnosed for gallbladder cancer. This owes to the fact that the authors conclude one such finding in 68.7% of the observations in the study. Evidently, cholecystitis could be misdiagnosed for gallbladder cancer. Regardless, the misdiagnosis could be avoided using histopathological examination. Problems and Issues An ultrasonography or a laboratory criterion could be used to diagnose the disease in question. Clrigo, Rocha, Rodrigues, Fernandes, Sargento, Silva (2014) reveal that the two techniques are effective, but the laboratory criterion could easily result in a misdiagnosis. It follows that it is advisable to use the ultrasonography technique for diagnosing the disease. Imperative to the debate is the fact that an ultrasonography will portray gall bladder distension, a superior wall thickening in the patient. On the contrary, a healthy person would portray a normal wall, and the absence of gall bladder distension. Further, Kasim would portray the presence of a lumen gas, the absence of mural-enhancement, irregular wall, periholecystic fluid, and intra-luminal membranes (Clrigo et al., 2014). An ultrasonography test is not enough implying the test should be complemented by a computed tomography scan. Such a scan would display pericholecystic fat, intrahepatic periportal tissues, and inflamm atory changes in the GB wall for a patient who is suffering from cholecystitis. Detail Assessment Kasim will be separated from the daughter before taking the tests because this is a standard practice in nursing. To begin with, a 4D ultrasound machine will be prepared for the test and Kasim will be asked to fast for 12 hours. Water and medications will not be refrained from the patient for an efficient test to be performed. The patient will be dressed in an appropriate gown, a lubricating jelly will be applied on the skin, and the machine will be used to record an image of the gall bladder (Clrigo et al., 2014). The machine will then be connected to a computer, which will print out the recorded image. The patient will then be subjected to a computed tomography scan. Kasim will be prepared and driven into a CT scanning machine. A remote control will be used to take pictures of the patients gall bladder and the results printed out using a computer. Conclusion In conclusion, this paper discusses cholecystitis using a case study of a 49-year-old patient called Kasim. Evidence from reputable resources indicates that symptoms such as fever, vomiting, and abdominal pain in the right upper abdomen point towards cholecystitis. The patients body temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate also point to the same disease. As evidenced, case studies from authors such as Rajan, et al., (2014) and Benjelloun et al., (2014) indicate that patients suffering from cholecystitis can portray abnormal rates of blood pressure and heart rate. Regardless, patients with similar symptoms could be suffering from cancer in the gall bladder implying the nurse should be keen when assessing the patient. It is why the paper recommends using an ultrasonography together with computed tomography scan before reaching a final diagnosis. References Benjelloun, B. E., Chbani, L., Toughrai, I., Ousadden, A., Mazaz, K., and Taleb, A, K. (2014). A Case Report of Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis Due To Salmonella Paratyphi B Complicated By Biliary Peritonitis. Pan African Medical Journal, Retrieved from Clrigo, V., Rocha, C., Rodrigues, A., Fernandes, L., Sargento, D., and Silva, G. (2014). Gangrenous Cholecystitis with Atypical Presentation in an Elderly Diabetic Woman. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 3: 503-507. Retrieved from Habeeb, O., and Ebrahim, E. T. (2014). Acute Cholecystitis Mimics Ischemic Cardiac Disease: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Case Reports in Clinical Medicine, 3: 609-615. Retrieved from Hayakawa K, Oki M, Moriya Y, Mizuma A, Ohnuki Y, Yanagi H, Fukuda R, Ozawa H, Takizawa S, Takagi A. (2012). A Case of Scrub Typhus with Acalculous Cholecystitis, Aseptic Meningitis, and Mononeuritis Multiplex. Journal of Medical Microbiology, 61(2): 291294. Retrieved from Junior, S., Lemos, T., Junior, A., Freire, A., Garcia, C., Silva, R., Rego, A., and Filho, I. (2016). Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis in Critically ill Patients: Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Treatment Strategies. Journal of the Pancreas, 17(6): 580-586. Retrieved from Kaya, S., Eskazan, E. A., Ay, N., Baysal, B., Bahadir, V. M., Onur, A., and Duymus, R. (2013). Case Report Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis due to Viral Hepatitis A. Case Reports in Infectious Diseases, Article ID 407182, 1-4 Li, Y., Song, J., Liu, Z., Xie, D., Jiang, T., Wei, G., Ma, H., Wang, J., and Jin, M. (2017). Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis and Misdiagnosis Analysis. Chinese Medical Journal, 128(12): Retrieved from Prystupa, A., Kurys-Denis, E., Krupski, W., and Mosiewicz, J. (2015). Diagnostics of Acute Pain in Abdominal Right Upper Quadrant. Journal of Pre-Clinical and Clinical Research, 5(2): 56-59. Retrieved from 978533 Rajan, N., Motoroko, I., Udayasir, D., McKenzie, J., Tan, S. C. J., and Tramontane, R. A. (2014). A Case Report of Typhoidal Acute Acalculous Cholecystitis. Case Reports in Infectious Diseases, Volume 2014 (2014), Article ID 171496, 5 pages Rammohan, A., Cherukuri, D. S., Sathyanesan, J., Palaniappan, R., and Govindan, M. (2014). Xanthogranulomatous Cholecystitis Masquerading as Gallbladder Cancer: Can It Be Diagnosed Preoperatively? Gastroenterology Research and Practice, Gastroenterology Research and Practice, 5(2): 1-5. doi:10.1155/2010/901739 Sartelli, M., and Trana C. (2013). A Focus on Acute Cholecystitis and acute Cholangitis. Journal of Acute Medicine, 77-81. Retrieved from Yacoub, N, W., Mikael, P., Sehga, I., Ma, Y., Chandrasoma, P., and Mason, J. R. (2013). Prediction of Patients with Acute Cholecystitis Requiring Emergent Cholecystectomy: A Simple Score. Gastroenterology Research and Practice, 4(5): 1-5. doi:10.1155/2010/901739

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Management information resource

Introduction The IT industry is among the fastest growing avenues of business and investment. It also bears an equal measure of risk and volatility and therefore requires informed and competent decision-making. The objective of any business is to make profit and this depends on the strategy adopted in managing and hedging against costs while keeping a reasonable margin of quality. It therefore falls upon the cio officer to make appropriate choices in as far as making or buying a product or service or constituent factor of production.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Management information resource specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Literature review Companies and industrial scientists have developed and recommended various schemes and approaches to the build or buy decisions. These have been all based on the situational analysis of each proponent hence making their strategies limited to a specific situation . Therefore, there is no foolproof method or formula to the issue. However, it is common ground among all these proposals as to the factors that a manager should consider before making a build or buy decision. In line with the profit-making objective of the firm, the manager should evaluate the economic benefit of the existing or proposed outsourcing option. Clearly, the economic aspect lies heavily to influence the manager’s decision in as far as buying or making. The manager should obviously consider the cheaper of the options for implementation. This factor is however to be considered alongside other factors. If he chooses to go fro an out sourcing option, he should also consider if the outsourcing option can be r negotiated in future. If the manager decides to go for an in sourcing option he needs to consider the costs involved in transitioning from the buy to the build option. If tit is the first time, the manager needs to evaluate the decommissioning costs of the buildi ng option. A build option also means that there will be an interruption in the IT resources within the organization and therefore a need for a re-evaluation of the department. Undeniably, both options have their own benefits besides the cost. The outsourcing option for instance guarantees variety and quality since the outsourcing firms invest a lot of talent and expertise in the creation and provision of the product or service. A build option on the other hand is a cheaper option in the long run since it reduces the dependency of the business to external factors. It therefore gives the business a competitive advantage by allowing it to alter the product to suit emerging trends at little or no cost. The manager should also evaluate the growth prospects of the build option in as far as talent expansion and growth. Keeping all these in mind the general trend among companies has been to maintain equilibrium between their build and buy options. This involves outsourcing secondary service s and building primary functions. This allows the firm to balance the level of external dependency while still making the best of the outsourcing optionsAdvertising Looking for research paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Discussion Designing and Building infrastructure is a costly and lengthy process. In an organization that has an existing outsourcing option, would consider the odds of switching from the existing option against the building option. The building of infrastructure also attracts a competitive advantage to the business and therefore is the more viable of option. If the infrastructure is pat of a primary function then I would go for a build option Customer support is a secondary service to an infrastructure and therefore would be cheaper if bought from a vendor. This reduces the workforce involved in the infrastructure and cuts on costs. It is a growing aspect of the infrastructure that needs constant expansion and growth. The outsourcing option can always be renegotiated in the future (Buxbaum 2002, pp5-16). Infrastructure maintenance is a recurrent cost in the organization. It affects the primary functions of the infrastructure and therefore should be internally sourced. It is cheaper and reliable if in sourced due to the effect on operations Infrastructural upgrades are accessories that can always be replaced. The upgrades provided by a vendor have more quality and skill invested in them. It would therefore be preferable to purchase them from a vendor. Decommissioning of infrastructure can go either way and therefore depends n the cost of either buying the service or performing it from within the organization. In most cases, however most firms prefer an in-house decommissioning option due to the value attached to the resultant salvage value. The market for applications has gown greatly over the years especially due to the onset of android and cloud computing tec hnologies. It has therefore received heavy investment by interested parts and development partners. The outsourcing option for applications has proven profitable and convenient since there are numerous application developers who have driven the outsourcing cost down. I would therefore consider adopting an outsourcing option in the short run. Customer service for applications goes to the primary function of applications and therefore requires in-house attention control and regulation. In effect, I would prefer an in-house customer service strategy to ensure that the organization has a firm grasp of the operation of the organizations customer base.Advertising We will write a custom research paper sample on Management information resource specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Maintenance of applications is also an important aspect of application services. The organization therefore has a competitive advantage if it has its own personaliz ed maintenance strategy since the risk of an in effective maintenance mechanism is far too high. It also allows the organization to identify and grow talent for future design purposes. The development and improvement of an application requires an independent perspective. Developing upgrades from an in-house source limits the creativity and diversity. Outsourcing firms also invest a lot of resources and funds in developing new upgrades and therefore present the better option in as far as upgrades are concerned. Since the preferred design and development method is an outsourcing option, it follows that the decommissioning of application is best done by an outsourcing firm or vendor. This saves the organization the overhead costs that accrue to decommissioning (McCall 2010, pp 13-29). Conclusion It is important to establish equilibrium in the strategy adopted while keeping a clear hedge between the implications and benefits of each option. The outsourcing option has however grown treme ndously and continues to present pertinent advantages and alternatives to firms. References Buxbaum, Peter. Bringing IT back home. [2002]. Retrieved from: McCall, Owen. Insource, Outsource, Everything as a Service. [2010]. Retrieved from:–outsource–everything-as-a-service.html This research paper on Management information resource was written and submitted by user Juniper Holmes to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Should the SAT be Use to Evaluate Student Application for Ad essays

Should the SAT be Use to Evaluate Student Application for Ad essays Throughout their years in high school, students carry anxiety and heavy burden on their backs over the supposedly, most important test of their life time, the SAT. The test is known as Americas oldest and most widely used college entrance exam. It is composed of two sections, Verbal and Math, each scored on a 200-800 point scale. The test questions are almost exclusively multiple-choice... as stated in article, Gender Bias in College Admissions Tests. The result of this test will determine their future and as well as alter their goals. They avidly study, spending hundreds and thousands of dollars cumulatively to prepare for the test. Brain Doherty, in his article Those Who Cant, Test, states ...last year 35,000 kids paid the nationwide coaching service almost $26 million to learn how to beat the standardized test. SAT preparation programs such as Kaplan or Princeton Review flourish as more and more students realize the need to do well in order to gain acceptance into a good co llege. Today, the SAT exams are so overrated that the test preparation industry blossomed. Furthermore, the real purpose of the SAT test has completely been hidden under many thick layers of misconceptions. The SAT test no longer measure intelligences but rather how much time and money the individual spent in preparation. The purpose of the SAT has evolved much over time and has lost its meaning and fairness altogether-it has deviated over time and it does not test all the knowledge a person has; thus the UC school system, along with other colleges should not evaluate student applications for admission based on their SAT scores. The SAT was created to give equal opportunities for an education to all people, but unfortunately, in the world today, the purpose of the SAT has deviated. During the early days, only members of the elite class were given a chance for proper educa...

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Streetcar Named Desire as a Play and as a Film Essay

Streetcar Named Desire as a Play and as a Film - Essay Example Society was still immersed in a political climate not conducive to equal rights without regard to race or gender let alone sexual orientation. In the original version of the piece, seen as a play, the audience finds out that Blanche’s husband killed himself shortly after she found him in bed with another man. The version which the audience is given in the film is much more suggestive with an expectation for its audience to read between the lines rather than a forward approach to the information which is given in the play. With regard to the issue of Blanche’s rape by Stanley, the play is sure to embrace this incident as it is crucial to the ‘take-home message’ intended originally by Williams. The movie seems to understand this ironically moral inclusion but not without a tradeoff which came in the form of the punishment of Stanley for his actions which is really not part of the ambiance of the play. The issue of Blanche’s rape and her husband’s homosexuality and suicide are the heavier topics demanding a presentation appropriate for their display during that time period, but are not the only morals to the story, so to speak. There are other themes which exist both in the play and in the movie version of Williams’ work. In looking at the movie first, the beginning is the first of many small deviations. The movie’s audience finds Blanche who seemingly emerges from the steam of the train, in an almost ethereal or heavenly manner. This is a contrast because though Blanche is introduced to the audience in this light, she is taken from a place of presumed innocence through the film, only to be displayed as anything but that. The play does not make the same attempt at disillusioning the audience that the film makes at the piece’s beginning, but beyond this point, the play and the movie are overall quite similar with little variations.